Where am I?

Since you’re asking, I would like to ask a few questions about your question. What is “where” and what is “I?” Oh, you just mean like in general, what’s happening on this blog? Sorry.

Blog Summary

Soulsin.space is my attempt to answer the question of who we are and what we are doing here without trying to sound like I live at the library or like I’m having an LSD trip. I’m convinced my words should be simple and address real life, avoiding some “what if,” pie-in-the-sky, ivory tower worship of knowledge. I’m no Emerson, I’m Rambo.

Here’s what I highlight:

In summary, we are spiritual/relational beings in a physical world.

We are souls in space.


These are the types of content so far:

  • Articles addressing challenges we face as people with souls
  • Art-forms exploring the depths of our souls
  • Arguments for and against the existence of the soul

Whether you believe in the soul or not, I hope you find insights that help get your life together.

You should know where I get this stuff. I follow Jesus. By that I mean I don’t just go to church or follow what someone else says about Jesus. Hell, I’m one of the least “religious” people I know if that’s what religion means. By “follow Jesus” I mean I actually read for myself about his life, what he did, and try to live the same way he did. He helped me understand God so much better than I did sitting in church every weekend since age 3. He’s like my Sherpa guide up the spiritual Everest (which is fifty times as high as the one in Nepal) where God sits at the top. Without Jesus I’d be lost.

A Super Old Quote

In truth, my children, it is the soul that has a body, not the body that has a soul

from Plain Words to Children by William Walsham How, 1876




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