We Live by Moments

It struck me today how some moments come and go while others stick around forever whether we like it or not. When you reflect on these moments, your perspective, behaviors, and attitude are heavily shaped and influenced by the echoing.

So what is so important about these moments that make them stick while others fade away?”

As usual, intense psychological theory and frighteningly empty motivational talk surround conversation about these moments with ivory tower articles about brain chemicals and Carpe diem cliches, respectively. I’m tired of reading that, and unhappy my fellow human beings searching for the truth are spoon-fed answers that only disguise the depth of the question.

If you have a soul, these moments stick around because there is a connection between who you are and the experiences you have. This connection is so foundational because your soul is trying to find itself through the body, and it latches on to moments in time to understand. It’s building a library of moments from which to drawn meaning and purpose. And when I say it, I mean you. You are that soul. That soul is you.

I’ve spent a lot of time replaying these past moments and trying to make sense of who I am and what I’m doing here through them. Intense memories do help guide my current decisions, but today I’ve been looking at them as a sum.

The Sum of Who You Are

The most beautiful thing about memories is that we are making them right now. What happened yesterday is over, good or bad, and today is a chance to forge ahead. Maybe this solitary plea is the only thing you’ll remember from reading this, but take it from a man who has been broken and restored more times than I can count:

Don’t limit your soul-searching to the past, not when you have the present to examine. @soulsinspace

Who are you? This is the most important question your mind has the ability to think. It’s your gateway into the truth. Don’t let the wet cement of the past harden. Stir it up by challenging everything you have experienced and heard.

You’ve been hurt? Go see if loving others holds the cure.

You’ve been jaded by hypocrisy? Recognize the hypocrisy in yourself and search for more examples of a life worth living.

You’ve faded into the trap of addiction? Get help and fight with all you have to get out.

You’re not who you wish you were? Start being who you want to be right now.

My purpose here is not to throw those statements at you and expect you to just click the “X” at the top of the screen (closing all 29 of your tabs) and start living a brand new life. My purpose is to point out the road to freedom from your past, like a sign at a fork in the road. This is your chance. This is your sign.

Who are you? Don’t stop asking until you’re dead.



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