Have You Ever Seen a Boy in Wonder

Awake in the middle of the night, I bounced my month-old son, Jack, to sleep, the only light a tiny LED reflecting off the wood floor and tinting the bedroom sky blue. I hoped Jack would sleep, but something kept his eyes glued to the soft glow on the ceiling. I knew the look. Wonder.

His new eyes connected a wordless rapture to a mind with barely any memories. He grasped at the new idea. “Look at this,” it said. “Just look and forget yourself.” I cannot help but believe this experience changed him.

Here’s what slowly tumbled out of my brain one or two words at a time for the next three months:

Boy in Wonder

boy in wonder

sinking deep

father wondering

if he’ll sleep

staring at the

glowing lights

resting on his

spheres of sight

who can know what

stirs the deep

inside a boy

and takes his sleep

he cannot learn

another way so

father’s soul will

beg it stay


This week, I hope you have a chance to feel your soul forget self and exult in the privilege of humility.


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